Habbo News

30 05 2011

Welcome to HabZoom

Here, we have all the news from habbo 24/7. Always come to this site to check out if there’s any new furni on habbo, quests, new clothes or any new rares!

(Please Ask MoonLiightz for jobs)


Yet again, Habbo had another Maintenance break and a change was added onto the side bar. You can see what achievements you need to do now.

Check how many achievements you've completed


Get ready to show off your rooms because there’s NEW DRAGO FURNI in the catalogue!

Drago Furni


And Enjoy!


In the Catalogue, there’s also a new rare as part as the Drago Furni. It costs 75 Credits + 2000 pixels and only there for a limited time; don’t miss out on this piece of furni!

Ooo! Scary, right?

Sorry for the inconviniance: The rare dragon is now out of the catalogue. However, you could go to credit shops and buy some -if people are selling them, which might take some time.